Thursday, 27 November 2008

Final Project

Here is the final product of the project.

The following is the final collection for Colour Analysis. I am studying Marc Jacobs' brand and colour choices, so here is the collection of my design for Marc Jacobs' brand with my choice of colours. The following fashion illustration includes day wear and also evening wear for women.

The next thing I would like to show is the basic colour family of my collection.

Colour Analysis Report

The brand chosen for colour analysis previously was Marc Jacobs. Therefore I have design a Fall/Winter 2009 women RTW collection for Marc Jacobs with my own choices in colours. I am going to explain my reasons for choosing below.

Group conclusion in Marc Jacobs’ colours:
(1) More hues are used for recent year
(2) Achromatic colors: black, white and grey must be present in each season's collection
(3) A simple combination is adopted. For each outfit, the no. of colour is usually not more than 3.
(4) MJ likes to use artificial colours.
(5) MJ uses colours of high saturation every season, but the amount decreases in recent seasons.
(6) Spring and Fall colours are related. The colours used in Fall/Winter collection are usually the colours of spring collection in a lower value (with shade).
(7) There is a trend that MJ tends to use colours in lower values.
(8) MJ loves lavender, violet, brilliant red, turquoise, and yellowish brown, khaki. They almost appear in every collection. BLACK, WHITE, GREY are the must.

Base on the group analysis, I have use both white and black for the achromatic area. Each outfit contains 3 colours, (expect the accessories) and they are all artificial colours. Within those 6 colours, deep blue, dark turquoise and deep red are used. They are all colours in low value and have appeared in Spring/Summer 09 collection with higher value. As Marc Jacobs tends to use colours in lower value, only yellow and white are in high value. The six colours come from different hues and the turquoise & the deep blue with a little bit violet are tertiary colours in the colour wheel.

For the style, Marc Jacobs like to design garments with layers recently. Because of this I try to design outfits which contain layers like the left 2 and right 1 in the picture. This enables the colours to merge as the top layer is opaque and the outfit will have more colours visually although only 3 colours are used. Moreover, Marc Jacobs always produce works made of fabric that been through different fabric treatment. These fabrics have special texture and give audience kinds of visual effect under light sources and the effects change due to the wearers’ movement. In my illustration, although each fabric are coloured by only 1 colour, there are some stripes with a little darker or lighter colours. These effects are to express the texture effect to the colours but not the pattern. Marc Jacobs rarely use pattern in his collection. He has only used symmetric geometric patterns and checks in 2 collections throughout these years.

The next topic I would like to introduce is the theme of my women collection of Fall/Winter 2009. In these years, feminine is always one of the topic of Marc Jacobs and he does a very outstanding job in this. One of my measures to maintain this in my collection, in a rather restrained style, is using one of Marc Jacobs and my favourite colour, deep brilliant red. Just like dress, skirt and handbags, they are all musts in his runway shows. For the main theme of my topic, that is New City. The idea comes from the motherland for Marc Jacobs, New York. This is the place where he was raised, where he studied and worked. This place has changed in ways because of development and global issues. It is one of the metropolises for United States and due to the economic situation and the positioning of the whole country, and also the international environment issue, it is going through a great change. Revolution in the values is occurring among New Yorkers. On the other hands, it is said that Marc Jacobs seems to miss U.S. based on his features in the last collection.

I chose some of the artificial colours that Marc Jacobs likes to use in his collection to present this metropolis, like the deep violet-liked blue, shinny orange-liked yellow and dark turquoise. The two deep colours represent the crowd city with cold tall buildings that make great shadows on the city under sun light. The shinny orange-liked yellow is representing a bright new future of the city and it is a colour that can be said as artificial and natural colours. Large proportion are coloured in this so as to cheer those metropolitans up and hoping the natural sunlight, which represent the natural environment, can shine through the whole city. To create the shinning and eye-catching effect, I try to use white of yellow for about half to one-third in one outfit and contrast to the low value colours. This should also create a highlight-spot to the garment.

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