Thursday, 20 November 2008

Final Pro consideration

I feel quite frustrated to do the project.

I collected some recent product datas from my friends and magazine. But most of them are talking about Marc jacobs' footwear and bags, whose colours are very different from Marc Jacobs' RTW garment collection.

Basing on the conclusion of our group seems to be the only thing I got. Moreover, trying to design clothing like Marc Jacobs is a huge problem for me. Although I have seen lots of his works (thanks to the long group analysis period), my design style and statement is very different from him.

Besides, the proportion of colours of Marc Jacobs' works is still a maze for our group. The only thing we can conclude is that he will only use 2 to 3 colours in the same set. No pattern can be seen obviously about proportion of colours.

I have try to draw different colour family, but if one colour of the family is slightly different, the whole family colours will seem odd. After testing and disscussion with classmates in other group, I have develop some basic colour families. But as the collection design is not finished, I cannot try out the effect at all. I am quite nervous at this moment.