Thursday, 16 October 2008

Marc Jacobs - F/W 2007 01

Marc Jacobs has a full range of Fall/ Winter collection in 2007 and continued showing his flavour in vintage.

This time, he has chosen to bring 70s back on stage again. Those hats, long coats, ribbed sweaters, trousers with loose stirrups and last but mot least, the jumpsuits, were fancy stuffs of that time. However, when they were in the multi-colours and matching the super-slim silhouette, new images were emerged.

According to Nicole Phelps, Marc Jacobs said that the collection is a reflection of his personal life and feeling, called it restraint. Therefore, sharp colours are less and the proportion of black & grey increased. Those sharp colours in the collections were all tertiary colours in the red and the yellow hues. There are mainly orange, dark red, dark purple and yellowish orange.

Following are part of the collection. The main colour being used are picked out.

Photos :