Sunday, 26 October 2008

Marc Jacobs - Conclusions

(1) More hues are used for recent year

(2) Achromatic colors : black, white and grey must be present in each season's collection

(3) A simple combination is adopted. for each outfit,the no. of colour is usually not more than 3.

(4) MJ likes to use artificial colors.

(5) MJ uses colors of high saturation every season, but the amount decreases in recent seasons.

(6) Spring and Fall colors are related. the colors used in Fall collection are usually the colors of spring collection in a lower value (with shade).

(7) There is a trend that MJ tends to use colors in lower values.

(8) MJ loves lavender , violet, brilliant red, turquoise, yellowish brown, khaki. they almost appear in every collection. BLACK, WHITE, GREY are the must.