Monday, 15 September 2008

01 Fullmoon can

It is fantastic to eat mooncakes in the Mid-autumn Festival. It is too hot and hard to feel any wind recently. It may explain the bad moods of the main characters in Heros... ...

Our family has bought some ice-mooncakes from Maxims. All of them are completely white in colour, which are extremely easy to mix up.

As I remember, BGW are colours, but have no identifiable hue. Without hue different maybe the main reasons leads to easy to max up... ... maybe?

The aluminum can of the cakes is relatively low value. Although the colours are from different hue (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue), they are not sharp and form a nice harmony. Well, harmony plays an important role in the festival, right?


The colours are tints and looks good on the web. However, the colours looks a bit dull in the real product as below.

Photo taken

Photo after adjusting Level

After adjusting the level to normal, I found out it is actually the light problem. I recalled that it is call "Satuation", the colours changes as light situation changes.

Actually, there is still different between the colours on web and in my photos. The values are higher in the latter.